The brain speaks or the body – it’s your animal.
It belongs to you, and what you are faced with is the puzzle of a human being.

Jerzy Grotowski

I assume interaction with the Audience.
I enter a dialogue with the Audience.
I am asking questions.
I’m making various sounds.
I am making various movements around the Audience.
I look at the viewer as if I was looking in the mirror.
I am referring to the issue of finding and naming your own identity.
I am referring to the process that accompanies finding one’s identity.
I am trying to grasp the nature of myself
I am showing the inner conflict of a human being entangled in the nature-culture dichotomy.
I am creating space for exploring the manifoldness of human identity.
I’m sniffing like a dog.
I am like an animal.
I am a human being.
I’m looking for my bone.