Big smile on the face

I enter the room.
I turn my head to the right and to the left.
I smile at the people gathered.
My feet are close to each other.
I start to walk making very small steps.
I cross the room like this.
I turn and repeat everything several times
I say a sentence -big smile on the face-
Very quietly to start with.
It gets louder and louder with time.
From an upright position I go into slouching.
I start moving like an animal;
I imitate a monkey.
The sentence big smile on the face changes into animal-like sounds
I imitate monkey cries.
I move among the people, interact with them.

I go back to an upright position.
Again I start repeating the sentence big smile on the face
I start shouting the sentence.
I walk among the people
And shout big smile on the face
I stop at the exit from the room
Shout big smile on the face
I leave the room